Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Continuing on the path

I've hooked up with friend Sally and we've been walking every (M-F) morning for the past couple weeks. It's good to have a walking buddy again. We head out early, 7 am, to beat the summer heat and I'm back home by 8:15 am for iced coffee and the newspaper. I'm not all that thrilled to be waking up so early when I dont' "have" to, but I'll get over it. Early morning is the key because with work and above 100 temps and then all the crazy afternoon storms, that's the only time you'll catch this chick outside. The fire season is in full swing and the air is becoming hazy with smoke. Makes for incredible sun rises and sets, but crap to breathe. Anyway, I'm off to trot around on Shanks Ponies. See ya.

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madelineas said...

Bless your heart girl. I should come live there so you can get me motivated